Security advice
1) Beware of false emails
In order to prevent online fraud or “phishing”, Users are invited to always check the provenance of emails by controlling:
- that the sender’s email contains the domain name of Fiera Milano (
- that the message wording contains your business name and the name of the event you are attending, in addition to the stand number assigned.
If there is any doubt, please contact the customer service centre of Fiera Milano immediately at:
2) Password and login code
As explained in the General Conditions of Use (CGU), the User is responsible for protecting the privacy and security of their password and access code.
For this purpose, we strongly recommend that you avoid using the “automatic save” of your password on your internet browser and correctly logout at the end of every session.
If Users should lose their password, or become aware that it has been used without authorisation, they must immediately inform the customer service centre of Fiera Milano (